Hydrogen telluride

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Hydrogen telluride is the chemical compound with the formula H2Te. It is the simplest hydride of tellurium.

Physical description

Most compounds with Te-H bonds are unstable with respect to loss of H2, and H2Te follows this pattern. H2Te is chemically similar to hydrogen selenide, both are reactive, acidic species with H-X-H angles approaching 90°.


H2Te is prepared by the acidification of salts of Te2−, such as Al2Te3 and Na2Te. Na2Te can be generated by the reaction of Na and Te in anhydrous ammonia.

Popular culture

The strong, unpleasant odour of H2Te was remarked upon in a scene in the Doctor Who serial The Krotons (1968/9), when it was described as "the worst smell in the world".

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